Making your site cleaner

To anyone who want to success in making money online, he or she must have own a website, whether its free or is paid.

In either way,the key point for keeping a customer to revisit your site,is to keep your website clean. One of the way is to put important information on the top few paragraph, and let the rest be continued reading in a new link. At the end you will find that this technique does help to make money online.

For example,if you have 10 post in your site, and you tried to put them all in 1 page...
How do you feel when you looking other's homepage which is similar to this?
lazy to continue reading right?
Now if you are using blogger(website should be similar), you can use a technique of span class = 'fullpost' to add on read more.
If you are interested in this technique,follow this blog.
After you have used this technique, the result of your homepage will be like
read more trick and this makes blog a lot cleaner.

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